Nathan Huebner, Oracle, AZ (October 2013)
"I bought the Yirgacheffe for home but I couldn't wait so I pulled a double shot
in the office and it is 'eye-popping' good! The fruit flavor really stands out!"

Stephen Probert, Flagstaff, AZ (October 2012)
"First shot pulled of your P++ Espresso Blend; coffee excellence! Thanks, SIR!"

Monica Salguero, Bolivia + Tucson, AZ (May 2012)
"I just came back from my trip to Bolivia, my country. My father loved your coffee!!
He said it is one of the best he drank in the world!"

Marc Schlaud, Flagstaff, AZ (January 2010)
"The American Blend coffee is worth every penny."

Tamara Murphy, Tucson, AZ (March 2010)
"The best coffee!!!"

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