Love of the Bean!

Love of the Bean!

Problem Solved!

by The SIR Coffee Company on 12/05/12

Many Sky Island friends, fans and family members use a Keurig coffee maker for their daily dose of caffiene. And many of these folks have asked us to provide Sky Island Roasters coffee in a K-Cup. Thankfully, we can accommodate our Keurig coffee making friends because SIR will sell a reuseable K-cup product that will allow Keurig coffee machine owners to use their own coffee selections in a reuseable K-cup filter. SIR has personally tested the product from Ekobrew and is happy to recommend this 'green' option for our friends who enjoy using their Keuring coffee machines. More details and purchase options are available on the SIR website.

Comparing caffeine levels...

by The SIR Coffee Company on 11/12/12

Many folks assume that espresso coffee has more caffeine than drip brewed coffee, and initally this may be a true belief. However, the fact of the matter is that an 8oz serving of drip brewed coffee contains 100mg on average, whereas one shot of espresso contains 30-50mg. To further complicate caffeine calculations, the content of the same coffee drink can vary from day to day because of various factors, such as the type of coffee (arabica and/or robusta)being used, the roasting, grinding, and brewing time*. Go to the Mayo Clinic webpage listed below for more caffeine comparisons and become an informed, wise caffeine consumer!


Coffee and Your Health - 7 Potential Benefits

by The SIR Coffee Company on 11/11/12

Coffee lovers in general don't need any encouragement to drink their cup of joe every day, but recent research* into the health merits of coffee makes this affair with the bean even more rewarding. Here's a list of the 7 potential health benefits. So go ahead and have another cup this morning, because regular, moderate coffee drinking could:

1) Improve your proof-reading skills
2) Lower women's depression risk   
3) Stave off Alzheimer's disease
4) Lower men's risk for prostate cancer
5) Ward off basal cell carcinoma
6) Protect against Type 2 Diabetes
7) Lower the risk of developing Parkinson's disease


Coffee brewing tips...

by The SIR Coffee Company on 11/10/12

The new SIR blog will post frequently throughout the week and will endeavor to update, inspire and educate readers and coffee lovers about all things coffee!

Here are some simple coffee brewing tips:

Whether you use a drip coffee maker or a French press, extracting the best flavor from your coffee beans requires following a few general rules:

1) Use fresh, roasted coffee beans (no older than two weeks);

2) Coffee should be brewed using filtered water for 4-5 minutes between 195-205 degrees Farenheit (just under the boiling point); 

3) You will have to adjust the amount of ground coffee to use (for your own taste preferences), however a convenient starting place is to use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces of water;

4) Filtered water is recommended as tap water may impart off flavors to the coffee. Do not use distilled water as some minerals are essential to coffee flavor;

3) Pour and enjoy...

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